What services are provided by Dent Scene? 

Our services are tailored to the needs of folks like yourself.  For example, if you notice a few paint chips on your hood or bumper from daily driving, we can touch it up with the proper paint product to match your vehicle's color.  If you have a small bumper scrape, there is a specialized technique that can keep the repair local to that area without the need to paint the entire bumper.  This technique, when performed by someone highly skilled, can be matched to the original finish (there are a few exceptions).  If you have a door ding, or a few dents, most likely, paintless dent repair (pdr) is an option.  Please see some examples below...

Maybe you have a nagging scratch... 

Before and after photo of a long scratch on a BMW fender
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Maybe your car or SUV has a plastic bumper and one of the corners is "smushed" in... we can repair that also.  (This one did need a little blending also to make it "perfect" again.)

Before and after photo of a dented plastic Infiniti QX80 bumper
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Paintless Dent Repair/Removal

Door dings and other dents are becoming more and more common. No two dents are the same and each one has to be priced according to its size, location, depth, metal type, and/or accessibility. PDR may not be the least expensive option. It does, however, preserve the original paint and the value of your vehicle making it the best option. PDR is an art. The skill, concentration, and education level is equivalent to a surgeon.  When having this type of work done, you want the best person with the proper education, skills, and tools, that's why Dent Scene is the best option. 

A 4 pic collage of Keith working on a door to remove a dent
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An example of before and after blending work on a white bumper
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Blending Small Bumper Corner Scrapes 

This keeps the repair focused on the damaged area without having to paint the entire bumper.  This specialized technique, when performed by a highly skilled technician, can match your vehicle's original finish in nearly every case.  (The age of the vehicle or any aftermarket work could prevent a near-perfect match.)  We can match 99.9% of all paint colors. 

Scratch Repair

In most cases, we can make scratches disappear. 

Before and after collage of a scratch repair on a red door
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Pre Lease Turn-In Inspection 

Everything shown above would be considered "excessive" due to the damage size being larger than a credit card upon completion of your lease term.  We can help reduce any extra fees by performing the repairs prior to returning the vehicle.  See us first before you go back to the dealership.