You may be asking, "What does Dent Scene do?" The best description is this...


Have you ever gone to a car dealership to look at pre-owned cars? Have you found "the one" only to notice a slight bumper scrape, a few scratches, chipped paint, or maybe a couple of door dings you wish weren't on the car? Making those blemishes go away is what we do. These services are sometimes done at the dealerships by a contractor and customers will never notice. The dealerships add those repair costs to the vehicle prior to the sale. You may ask yourself... "How do they know about that?" Previously, I was one of the contractors to perform those repairs. Now, I am offering these services to everyone!

Maybe you have a nagging scratch... 

Maybe you have a car or suv with a plastic bumper and one of the corners is "smushed" in... we can make that go away too! (This one did need a little blending also to make it "perfect" again.)

Here is some more information about what we do and as always, we welcome any questions you may have! Read on...

Paintless Dent Repair/Removal

Door dings and other dents are more and more common (just visit the grocery store!). No two dents are the same and each one has to be priced according to its size, location, depth, and/or accessibility. PDR may not be the least expensive option. It does, however, preserve the original paint and the value of your vehicle making it the best option. PDR is an art. The skill and concentration level is equivalent to a surgeon -- really! And, if you needed surgery, you probably wouldn't ask for the intern!

Blending Small Bumper Corner Scrapes 

This keeps the repair focused on the damaged area without having to paint the entire bumper. (Sometimes, body shops have to blend into the fenders!) We can match 99.9% of all paint colors. 

Scratch Repair

In most cases, we can make scratches disappear! 

Pre Lease Turn-In Inspection Everything shown above would be considered "excessive" due to the damage size being larger than a credit card. We can save you the "excessive" fees on your final lease inspection bill! See us first before you turn it in! We will give you an honest and fair assessment.

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